My name is Nate. I have a PhD in Biostatistics and I’m Assistant Professor of Biostatistics ad Data Science at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine . My expressed thoughts and opinions on this website are my own and not that of my employer.

What is a biostatistician? A biostatistician is simply a statistician whose work is primarily focused on topics like medicine and public health. In my job as, I develop new statistical methods to solve problems in medical research and I apply statistics to medical research studies (e.g. designing studies, analyzing data, writing and presenting results).

However, the posts contained here aren’t just about medicine or public health. In fact, the majority of posts won’t be about those things. The thing is, I don’t stop thinking analytically when I leave work for the day. I’m constantly thinking about things I read about, observe, and experience in my everyday life through the lens of a statistician. I’ll often think, “what are the odds of that happening?”… and then in my free time I try to figure it out. This blog is my outlet for doing things like that – a place where I can post about anything related to statistics or how statistics relates to the things I’m interested in. I’ll post about pretty much any topic that interests me, although most of my posts will probably be about sports, and more specifically, baseball.

This blog is/will become a blog of seemingly random stats blog posts – hence the name RandomStatsBlog.